Janet Koin Dampeer
Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Certified Addictions Counselor III
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A workshop for caregivers

If the stress of care giving has begun to rob you of your sense of self, enjoyment of life and sense of well – being both physically and psychologically.

The Workshop will be a safe place to share your true feeling, a place to tell the truth and an environment free of judgment

  • Education
  • Support
  • Self Care
  • Self-preservation
  • Resources

You will gain an understanding of stress and an understanding of dementia. You will gather tools for self-care and self-knowledge.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for recovery
  • Practical and concrete techniques for dealing with the constant stress of care giving

Upcoming Dates for Workshops:
To be announced

Time: 9am – 12pm  (3 hours)
Location: to be announced

Cost: $50.00
Contact Janet Koin Dampeer 720-320-6296

Presented by:  Janet Koin Dampeer, LCSW CACIII 

Janet Koin Dampeer, LCSW CACIII
Ms. Dampeer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her practice is with individuals and families. She has also a mediation practice specializing in Elder Care mediation and is a certified long-term care ombudsman, representing residents rights in nursing homes and assisted living.

Dr. Diana Koin
Diana Koin M.D. is a geriatrician whose practice has a special focus on frail elders. Dr. Koin was the first physician to describe elder abuse. Her career includes practice, teaching and consultations.