Janet Koin Dampeer
Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Certified Addictions Counselor III

Mediation Resolves Conflicts while Preserving Relationships

Many family problems are really more geared to mediation.  Mediation is a process for change through focused negotiation that results in agreements between people.  Agreements that are entered into are often written down and signed by the mediation participants as a record of the new way of relating to each other in the future.  Many times family members need to develop skills to negotiate with each other in order for their needs to be met.  Psychotherapy is geared to individual healing and change at a deeper, more personal level of work.  Mediation, a facilitated negotiation between two or more people, is a different process.

Mediation Is Not Psychotherapy

Mediation and psychotherapy are not really related.  While psychotherapists have the advantage of the study and in-depth knowledge of the human dynamic, mediation is a very pure process for people to negotiate and work through difficulties between two or more people.  Both processes may bring about healing in the end – they often do – but mediation is not geared to anything deep or retrospective, as psychotherapy would be.  Janet has seen people experience wonderful transformations after mediation, and a great deal of healing sometimes takes place.

The process of mediation involves two or more parties being heard and being able to tell their stories in a respectful and safe environment.  Mediation is focused on letting people be heard and finding out the dynamics that are interfering with their communication.

Mediation is Effective in the Following Arenas:


  • Divorce
  • Parent/Teen
  • Elder Care


  • Restorative Justice
  • Neighborhood
  • HOA
  • Schools


  • General business
  • Real Estate
  • Small Claims